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Fine Art

My work varies in medium from traditional oil paintings to assemblages using resin and found objects. As I progressed over the years, I found that I really enjoy experimenting with combining unusual mediums.

2018 Resin & Found Object Sculptures


Earlier Assemblages


Karen Long Freidt, 2015


 This is where I've landed.

Calm in reflection.

Present. Grateful. Ripe.

Wearing my mind and passions proudly,

after years of hanging on limbs of insecurities and challenges,

fighting to grow into the shoes I now fill.

Looking back, the answers seem easy

and the struggles seem strategically placed where I needed them.

Rooted, giving me strength, each lesson has become

who I am and who I can become.

My heart, the victim, always pays the price.

Unexpectedly resilient and trusting, each beat nudges me towards empathic, intuitive

insights I often follow. Not always a painless path.

When it's all said and done, what I will hold closest to my battered heart

will be many precious moments in time,

plump with emotion at each recall.

Life has been easy. It has been hard.

It has been lived. It continues to take and continues to give.

I continue to live but now ripe in this life.